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Located at 20 hocking street, Coburg north , 10 minutes from the heart of Melbourne, lies our fine establishment,  For long, discerning clients have arrived and left satisfied and pleasured finding exquisite gems and beauties to satiate their deepest and most coveted desires. We can provide evenings of unparalleled seduction and moments of passionate bliss, have you been missing that touch of pure ecstasy from your life? Come visit us at 20 hocking st Coburg north to fall into a feminine siren-like immersion of beauty, poise and sophistication to escape your worldly concerns. 

We craft an experience that is safe, clean, personal and private to you, prioritising your needs such that your experience with us is as pleasurable as it is professional. Come find out why our girls and our institution, Hocking ladies  is highly coveted. After all, we don’t think of ourselves as just another brothel, but a haven of heavenly and sensual bliss. And isn’t that what you deserve?          
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Find us located at 20 Hocking St Coburg North.
Contact us at 0399 430 252 or 0434 168 015 or 0466 834 756.